All Four One

All Four One
Still smiling after 1800 miles

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Andy's Haj

El Cap has been tamed, at least the first 100 feet of it. Andy has been to the mountain.
Photos will follow when we get into mobile range, and later today or tonight when we get to a more easily accessible wifi signal. For now, today we are leaving Yosemite, and after a somewhat rocky(hmm, a pun, unintended), we have had a couple of excellent days.Again, more detail later, when we are in a warmer clime and when my fingers will obey out of gratitude for being able to feel  once again.
Today we head for Oakland, our last night in the RV, and then we pick up a minivan on Wednesday to continue the adventure in San Francisco and southern California(can you say whales).
We have a couple of things we hope to do today in the park and then we are off.

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